Absolute College ERP is a strong and complete software that permits you to modify, store and retrieve information using the simple pull down menus admission, masters, promotion, examination, fee management, time table, financial accounting, library management, staff & payroll, transport and other utilities. Each of these modules has specific sub modules within them. All these modules are further incorporated with the information provided from the staff administration and student module.

Benefits of Absolute Educational ERP

Benefits to College/Institution

  • Highly affordable.
  • Removes the staff and infrastructure costs.
  • Centralized data base of all departments for easy access.
  • Enhance accuracy by eliminating the human errors.
  • Provides instant access to any types of data or information for quick decision.
  • Eliminates manual paper work which ultimately leads to less involvement of staff members in any kind of analysis and manual data sheets preparation.
  • Single software allows investment saving in different software.
  • Allows management to analyze and send real time data.
  • One solution to manage academic, accounting and administrative process.
  • Eliminates any kind of blockage in accessing information out of pile of data.
  • Automatic popup alerts and e-mail helps in comprehensive and accurate work plan.
  • ERP allows daily, weekly monthly and annually reports.
  • Minimizes duplicate or repletion of process.
  • Becomes biggest asset for an organization by providing year after year digital record.
  • Efficiently helps identify any kind of problem.

Benefits to students

  • Real time online notice board, syllabus and academic plan.
  • Access to library books catalogues and raise request online.
  • Daily update about upcoming events & activities and holidays.
  • Real time access to attendance, results, timetable and examination schedule.

Benefits to faculty members

  • Automated exams, attendance and results management.
  • Helps in efficiently collaborating with students and parents.
  • Online activity and timetable calendar.
  • Complete attendance automation.
  • Intelligent and automated reporting and analysis.
  • Helps to connect with students through information about student.
  • Makes grades and marks management hassle free and easy.
  • Provides greater focus on teaching by eliminating the time consuming administrative works.

Benefits to parents

  • Provides access to child’s attendance, examination results and academic curriculum.
  • Easy access of any upcoming events & activities and holidays calendar.
  • Quick feedback on child’s performance from teachers.
  • Online notice board and information about houses and clubs.
  • IHelps in easy and open interaction between teachers, parents and management.
  • Provides the ability to monitor the performance of their child from anywhere any time.
  • Quick access to all the information related to child.
  • Saves lots of time and resources in communication with the management of institute.

Technical Benefits

  • Runs on cloud based.
  • No requirement of additional hardware or software installations.
  • Smart, robust and customizable design.
  • User friendly interface
  • Role based restricted access and highly secure architecture
  • Supports multiple browser including Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • Makes grades and marks management hassle free and easy.
  • Provides greater focus on teaching by eliminating the time consuming administrative works.